Studio Mentorship

A professional artist will meet with you to review your in progress or completed work to provide focused, constructive feedback.

Our artist-educators are here to guide you towards the heart of your practice and help you with a plan to push yourself deeper into your work and the principles of your own making. We divide our visits into two possible arenas: Searching/Researching and Presenting. See which is a better fit for you and book:


  • Speaking about unfinished work
  • Thinking through your conceptual frameworks
  • Suggesting artists, movements, histories, or ideas that are pertinent
  • Thinking through your media and possible new media
  • Thinking about your artistic voice in the making


  • Finished or nearly finished works you wish to push further
  • Pulling out lessons you can learn from the work
  • Interrogating your motivations for this work or body of works
  • Thorough read and critique on finished works - Thinking about how your artistic voice through finished work
Single appointment

3 appointments within 3 months
$600 ($200/hr)

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