Pooneh Maghazehe makes objects, prints, photos and sometimes performs. Using materials often for their symbolic qualities, Maghazehe’s approach to form maps the entanglements of encryption and erasure. The starting point for her recent works involve casting parts of a single mold and dry point printmaking - both mediums steeped in ideas about an origin story, its replicas, and the question of permanence. The Diet Coke logo, supermarket coupons, silhouettes of a seagull, and supersized doodles all permeate her work but never converge into full resolution. Similar to the processes of printmaking and casting, the images toy with the question of temporality and embodiment. The resulting works expose an intuitive material record keeping that mutually empowers an original and the pulpy residues of its manipulation.

Notable Teaching Experience

Maryland institute college of art (MICA), (Baltimore)

Notable Solo Exhibitions

First Among Equals in conjunction with Bodega (Philadelphia, 2012)

Keynotes (with Nick Paparone) at Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, 2013)

Middleman at Essex Flowers (New York, 2022)

2for1 at Brennan & Griffin Gallery (New York, 2019)

Relief at Torrence Shipman Gallery (Brooklyn, 2013)

Notable Group Exhibitions

Global Contemporary: Art Worlds After 1989 at ZKM Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, 2011)

Transnational Aesthetics Beijing 798 Biennial at BTAP Gallery (Beijing, 2009)

Etiquette for Lucid Dreaming Gateway II at Newark Penn Station (Newark, 2013)

Iran Inside Out at DePaul University Museum (Chicago, 2009)


She has been featured in The New York Times, Flaunt Magazine, Art Asia Pacific Magazine, Art Map Magazine and Contemporary Practices.

Installation Image : “Half-Life”, at Kino Saito, 2022
“A Place in the Sun”, Sands,
Installation Image :
Totally OK
Totally OK
Totally OK
Installation Image : “Half-Life”, at Kino Saito, 2022
“A Place in the Sun”, Sands,
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“A Place in the Sun”, Sands, 2021, Drypoint Print, 21 1/4 x 14 1/2 inches

Edition of 10 + 6 AP