Contract Coaching

A Contract Professional will help you negotiate and advocate for yourself through developing a contract with whatever institution or gallery you are working with.

Contracts and diplomacy are at the core of this work. Artists may be understandably intimidated by contracts they receive, unaware of terms that may be edited, deleted, or negotiated. We believe that transparency and communication are the keys to an enriching experience and build stronger relationships in the art world.

These services are recommended for individuals who are baffled by a contract, don't have a contract but would like one, want more insight regarding possible edits to a contract, or seeking feedback on their requests/desires.

Our consultation is custom every time, and can help shed light upon setting terms for

  • art exhibitions (group or solo exhibitions)
  • commissions
  • performances
  • sales from the studio to private collectors
  • studio shares among artists, and more.

This service does not count as legal advice—we strive to be a champion and mediator for artists, spurring healthier business practices and catering to the unique circumstances of each artist's practice and career.

2 appointment package

30 min follow up

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