Lynn Maliszewski

Lynn Maliszewski


Lynn Maliszewski is an arts professional who has lived and worked in New York City since 2005. Her desire to see artists fairly compensated for their work comes from a deep respect for the labor inherent to creative output. Professionally, she has worked in a registrarial, administrative, and/or curatorial capacity since 2012. Working closely with artists has shown her how often contractual clarity is overlooked; and the importance of warmth, diplomacy, and collaboration.

Select employers include:

Queens Museum

Callicoon Fine Arts

Gagosian Gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery

Printed Matter



Relevant skills include:

- managing production for new artworks (airports, public art, solo exhibitions)

- copyediting essays and labels, simplifying complex concepts

- drafting and customizing paperwork (loan agreements, consignment agreements, proformas, checklists, insurance guidelines)

- generating plans for packing and transporting artworks and entire exhibitions, international and domestic

- managing production of tangential art exhibition assets (digital projects, catalogues, zines/artist's books, prints/posters)

- archiving and inventory experience

- planning of and participation in install/deinstall of art exhibitions, multimedia events, performances

- imaginative problem-solver, calm mediator